Joint Delivery Co is a customer service focused business that prides ourselves on delivering an exceptional experience for our clientele.  We offer cutting edge, top of the line smoking products and strive to develop long term relationships with the communities we serve.  Our products are sustainable farmed and responsibly made, aligning with our company mantra: relaxation, creativity, relief. At Joint Delivery Co, we believe in reaching for the stars and living a life full of adventure.  It is our mission to deliver experiences that inspire expansion of the mind, connection with the community, and overall well being of every person we touch.

As a dollar-in, dollar-out company, social justice is the core value of our company.  Seeing an end to human slavery in this world is what drives us each day. For every dollar we profit, we will donate one dollar to reaching this goal.  Freedom is something that every person should experience and our mission here at Joint Delivery Co is to help make that a reality. The path to progress starts with the communities we create for one another and we are committed to being powerful force for change. We believe that with love and unity we can start to see the changes we all desire.